Step 2: Find Imp Documents NOW! Don’t procrastinate!

–You will need dates of your experiences, training and certifications.

Getting Ready – Document Search

dd214Get your DD 214, Statement of Service, VA Letters, Transcripts Ready. They will be required. Do not wait until a deadline. To write the federal resume, you will need a list of your experiences, training, and certifications including dates and descriptions. You will also need your evaluations and OERs with descriptions of your assignments.

TAKE ACTION! Please locate the following documents:

  • Evaluations (useful for the dates, job titles, and descriptions of your work)
  • Training forms
  • Resume drafts
  • Letters/emails from supervisors

The entire federal application is a test to follow directions, provide details of your service, including dates, training and your documents.

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Vet Success: "Hello Sandy, I really appreciate you taking the time to do a resume for and advising me. Both the resume and the consulting were great. But for me it was the consulting that landed my job. If you did not explain the different series numbers and the OPM site, I would have been still searching. After you finished my resume, I did not attempt to search for any position until early February. I tailored my resume to each job as you advised only focused on what you told me. Bottom line, I received 7 interviews and I was selected for two. One of the interviews was for a GS11 position. I accepted a position in San Antonio TX as a Management and Program Analyst 7/9/11. The money was well spent and worth it. I would recommend every service member transitioning out of the military to seek the Resume Place; especially those who are about to retire. Thank you U.S. Army Retired"