Separating Navy Sailors in Bahrain Get Federal Jobs Help


Emergency Management Specialist seeking an Occupational Safety & Health Specialist, Landed GS 9: “I applied to 223 jobs on USAJOBS all GS-09 and above. I received 42 response stating best qualified and sending to hiring manager. I had 6 interviews and turned down 4 others because I had already chosen the job I wanted. I am still receiving emails because some of the jobs I applied to have not closed yet. I have not started yet. I should receive my DD214 next week and I’m waiting for the HRO to send me a form for my drug test results. After that they should be able to issue my orders for Korea.”

Security Officer,
Targeting GS 9: “Yes, I did get hired by VA police. I start on Monday the 15th of July. I submitted only 1 resume. Also i will be placing a resume for DEA as that is my ultimate destination.”

Program Manager, Targeting GS 14 Position: “We have reviewed your application and found you qualified for the position listed above. Your name has been referred to the hiring manager for consideration.”

Criminal Investigator, Targeting GS 9: “I got an Eligible -REFERRED notice on this announcement today!”

Senior Officer,
Targeting GS 14: “I have a follow-up call tomorrow and a face-to-face (VTC) w/ an the department director.”

IT Specialist,
Targeting GS 11: “I was offered the GS-11 position in Greece BUT I will not be taking it. The lack of allowance for these reasons: I would like to remind to you that you will not be entitled to your travel to Rota, Spain and Transportation of your Household Goods and your POV to this place nor any storage of Household goods stored in CONUS.”

Military Career Counselor, Targeting GS 11: “We have reviewed your application and found you qualified for the position listed above. Your name has been referred to the hiring manager for consideration.”

This Spring Kathryn and Emily Troutman, expert Federal Career Trainers, travelled to the small island state of Bahrain near the Persian Gulf. Their mission was to provide four-days of special federal-job-search training to 40 sailors in the process of leaving the US Navy.

The Sailor Federal Resume Project is all part of a new program Troutman’s firm, the Resume Place, is offering. The program combines one-on-one editing and focusing of federal resumes for exiting US military with training on how to apply to the federal government’s USAJobs site. Many say this long difficult-to-use federal jobs site became even more challenging, not easier, during a recent overhaul.

“The Navy and all the services are downsizing,” said Kathryn Troutman, also known as the Federal Jobs Guru. “It’s a big transition to move from the service to a job outside the military. Without adequate assistance and know-how, many federal resumes for ex-military are not even getting the eligibility score of seventy, which would only be like getting a C in school. Then there is the online application process through USAJobs, which is very complicated.”

Three auditorium presentations at the Naval Air Station, Bahrain presented Kathryn Troutman’s popular “10 Steps to a Federal Job” course, applying for the Senior Executive Service (SES), and the government’s behavior-based interview style. Then nine small-group two-hour classes will be given. The size of the small classes will be kept to only five sailors each, so every jobseeker can get personalized attention. The classes will include:

– How to set up a USAJobs account online
– How to search USAJobs for announcements of the right positions
– Instruction on how to submit the federal resume to the USAJobs resume builder
– Information on how to answer the self-assessment questions on the federal questionnaire that comes with every announcement
– Background on the additional paperwork separating military must submit to the USAJobs site and how to do it
– How to track and follow the progress of the application through the USAJobs system

In an earlier leg of the program, certified federal-resume writers at the Resume Place spent four hours on each sailor’s federal resume. With Kathryn Troutman’s input and their specialized knowledge, the writers targeted every resume so it matches the best federal job for that sailor’s skill set based on Office of Personnel Management standards. The Navy’s Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) counselors had worked with the sailors previously to get draft resumes created.

“The resumes that most ex-military people write are not focused properly,” noted Kathryn Troutman. “Without the right focus, the resumes will not work. Plus jobseekers often ignore the fact that additional paperwork must be submitted to USAJobs, and this is another major reason applications get rejected. It’s critical that the separating sailors know how to use the application process correctly as well as having completely on-target resumes.”

The sailors participating in this unique program were invited by the Fleet and Family Support Center in NSA Bahrain.

In addition to the Bahrain sailors, Kathryn Troutman’s team will provide customized federal-job-search services for 140 more sailors in the near future. There will be 25 sailors each from Rota (Italy), Naples (Spain), Sigonella (Italy) and Souda Bay (Greece). Resumes for these sailors will also be reviewed and focused and training given for the USAJobs website through distance learning.

Parties interested in learning more about federal-job-search training for exiting military or other groups or federal job search certification for career professionals should contact Bonny Day at the Resume Place offices in Catonsville, Maryland. Her phone is toll free 888-480- 8265 or local 410-744-4324 and email,

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9 comments on “Separating Navy Sailors in Bahrain Get Federal Jobs Help
  1. bigwave says:

    This is a GREAT post!

  2. Brian says:

    Very good information. Thanks!

  3. Success with federal job search depends on how detail-oriented you are … and following the many directions … and persistence. All that and samples of the best federal resume format will help you get Best Qualified and Referred!

  4. Lee Patterson says:

    This is really good information! It’s so important that Veterans seeking Federal jobs do these things:

    1. Pull all their required paperwork together – DD-214, SF-15 (if disabled), any VMET or SMART transcripts etc.

    2. Scan their certificates for awards (medals etc.) as PDFs and upload to USAJOBS. Also be prepared to send the PDFs to a resume-writer to list some of their accomplishments. They should also have their annual (or other) evaluations ready if needed.

    3. Write a rough-draft resume with all job dates, locations (including zip code), supervisor contact info, and more. Once they are on a job hunt, the USAJOBS listing may only have a window of a few days. Important to get all ducks in a row, before that time.

    4. Please READ the Job Announcements, looking for One Year Specialized Experience requirements and other Knowledge, Skills and Abilities that need to be demonstrated in their resumes.

    5. Remember your resume is not (really) about you and your life. It’s about how the hiring agency will have their needs met, by you being on their team. Part of that is your abilities and history, but part of it is focusing on the agency and their needs.

    • Amy says:

      It is crucial for Veterans to understand their targeted federal occupational series so they can properly update and target their resume using the outline format which has had proven success in strategically capturing work history and accomplishments.

  5. pam says:

    After seeing all that’s required, I think it’s amazing that anyone gets hired or even referred for a federal job without professional help! Even the most highly qualified service members can miss opportunities due to simple oversights. Good coaching can help prevent that. This program is invaluable for transitioning military.

  6. Please check out the Veteran’s Federal Resume Blog about 18 Critical Mistakes that Vets make on their federal resumes.

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