Day 3 Insights – Hiring Freeze For Federal Hiring

DATE:  1/25/2017

Good Morning! 


Yesterday, we did NOT receive any more guidance about federal hiring or exceptions during this 90-day Hiring Freeze. So, here is my advice for serious federal jobseekers or those seeking promotions during this time for future 2017 federal job search plans:

1) Federal Employees who are seeking promotions:  During this 90 days, update your resume with your BEST Accomplishments.  I will write more about this. We will take TIME to talk about Accomplishments to stand out more and prepare for the interview in the summer!  

2) Transitioning Military:  Read the Jobseeker Guide, 7th Ed – available NOW. New edition coming March 1st. Get ready. The government is still hiring. Write a great federal resume and put it into the USAJOBS builder.

3) New Graduates:  The government truly wants to HIRE YOU!!! So, I recommend our book, Student’s Federal Career Guide to write the best possible federal resume for Pathways announcements that WILL return in the Spring and Summer. Look forward. These 90 days will go fast.

4) SES Candidates:  Write your ECQs, your CCAR accomplishments, your executive federal resumes. This will take 2 months.  Just start now. Use our book, The New SES Application and get going.  We can help you!  

5) Veterans:  Work on your federal resume and get ready to apply for positions in 90 days. The Jobseeker Guide, 8th edition will be out soon and this book will include great samples. 

6) Military Spouses:  Use this time to work on your federal resume. Study federal jobs. Get ready for federal job search really soon!!  


OVERALL:  Looks like 90 days of mostly non-hiring.  There WILL be exceptions. We do not know the exceptions as of today! Day 4 could give us more information! 



We have to wait and see which types of positions will still be hiring and posted.

In the meantime, this is a government hiring  “wait and see”. 

The thing that I know for sure. The federal hiring will return soon in the Spring and Summer.  Stay tuned! 

This is the time to work on your federal resume.

The Federal Resume Guidebook, 6th Ed. is the 2nd best resume book on all major booksellers! This book can help you with your Outline Format Federal Resume.  


PS, Paulina Chen and I are still working very hard on the Jobseeker Guide 8th edition. So, stand by on more information about What’s New in the book!   

One of the biggest updates would be the addition of Non-Competitive Hiring (VRA, 30% or more Disabled, Schedule A)  How to market your resume DIRECTLY to hiring managers, HR, Selective Placement Coordinators and Veteran’s Representatives.  

PRE-ORDER HERE:  (shipping around March 10 from the printer)

$8.00 per book if you order 50 or more.

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