Overview> 5 Steps

Are you just getting started with a federal resume? Follow these 5 Steps to Drafting Your Basic Veteran Federal Resume

  • Step 1: Study and Download the FREE Veteran-To-Federal Sample/Template
  • Step 2: Getting Ready – Document Search. Search for your OERs, Training Forms, Resumes and other Documents
  • Step 3: Job Announcement Search and Keywords
  • Step 4: Start Writing your Federal Resume by Using the Template
  • Step 5: Edit and Finalize

CLICK HERE to Continue to STEP 1:  “Download the Samples.

Based on the Military to Federal Career Guide by Kathryn Troutman

More sample federal resumes in Kathryn Troutman’s books Also available as Kindle.

Military to Federal Career Guide, 2nd Edition

About the The Jobseekers Guide 8th Edition

This book is used at more than 150 military bases worldwide to teach Kathryn Troutman's highly acclaimed Ten Steps to a Federal Job to military personnel and family members. This title is recognized as the leading guide on the topic for 100,000 military spouses worldwide

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Vet Success: "Kathryn, I had no idea how to put 20 years of army experience into the new forms of resumes and KSAs that I was not familiar with. Carla saved me. I told her the field I wanted to work in and she created a federal resume, KSAs, cover letter, and a private sector resume for me and coached me on selecting the announcements that she felt were a good match for my experience. Carla saved me. I informed her of what I wanted, and the field I wanted to work in. She created a resume for me that got me qualified and hired. I retired Feb 1, 2013 and I start working with the state government in a position that is a pay equivalent to GS-9. Thanks, Carla. I could not be where I am without your help. Every penny I spent was well spent. If I had it to do all over again, I would. –Tyrone S.