Introducing the Student Federal Resume Sample Database™

Student Fedres Database

Now, for the first time ever, university career centers and vetran students will have access to up-to-date, successful federal resume samples.

This online Student Federal Resume Database will be available for veterans who are current students and recent graduates who are online looking for information about how to land a desirable federal job or internship. Pathways Internships are available for the first-time and can be converted into permanent positions in government. The Internships are highly competitive and the application is usually Resume Only.

The challenge for students and their federal resume is this:  “the federal resume is not the same as a private industry resume. Students need samples of the federal resumes that are longer than the typical corporate resume.” Says Kathryn Troutman, Author and publisher of the federal student book and database.

The resume samples on the Student Federal Resume Database and in the Student’s Federal Career Guide resulted in internships and new careers for 8 case studies in the book. The Sample Federal Resume Database is based on the Student Federal Career Guide, 2nd Edition by Paul Binkley, Ph.D. and Kathryn Troutman. Three of the samples are for veterans who used the GI Bill to complete their degree and pursue a federal career.

Student Book Cover

SAMPLE CASE IN THE BOOK: Scott Hampstead graduated from University of Maryland College Park with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Unfortunately, he did not complete an internship and could not find a engineering position in private industry. The strategies that federal resume expert took with Scott’s resume resulted in 3 job offers from 3 districts with the USACE. Adding more details about Scott’s engineering projects while in college made the difference, the projects showed is test management, project management, team leadership and critical thinking skills, which resulted in the job offers and the acceptance of a GS 7 position.

SAMPLE SUCCESSFUL VETERAN STUDENT: Jeremy Denton separated from the US Marine Corps as an E-5, Helicopter Crew Chief. He decided that he would not continue his career in the aviation field, but would compete his BA degree in political science and pursue a degree in intelligence in the government. Jeremy’s resume demonstrates how the Helicopter Crew Chief work description can be converted into an Intelligence Specialist and Analyst federal job. Jeremy was hired into a Department of Homeland Security agency.

The 8 case studies in the Student’s Federal Career Guide are posted in this Student Federal Resume Sample Database.

  • Scott Hampstead, BS, Mechanical Engineering – Hired by US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Emmanuel Willis, BS, International Business – Hired by Defense Contract Management Agency Intern Program
  • Brandon Billings, BS, Homeland Security, E-5, USCG, Internship in Law Enforcement
  • Sonya Morse, BS, Human Development, Hired by Palace Acquire Internships
  • Steve Longworth, BA, History and MPS – Hired by Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs
  • Marisol Mendez, MPP, National Security Policy, E-7, Army National Guard, Hired by Presidential Management Fellows



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