What does Government Shutdown Mean for Federal Hiring and Your Job Applications?

FEDERAL HIRING AND APPLICATIONS ARE REVIEWED BY “HUMAN” RESOURCES PERSONNEL. If there is a shutdown, the HR specialists won’t be reading resumes, qualifying the Best Qualified Candidates and referring them to supervisors. Most human resources specialists will be furloughed and their workload will back-up.


These are the jobs posted today (Jan 20, 2018) on USAJOBS.gov:

  • Total Jobs Open for Federal Employees, 4031 jobs
  • Total Jobs Open for US Citizens, 5602 jobs
  • Veteran’s Administration – US Citizen, 2615 jobs
  • Department of Defense – US Citizen and Federal Employees, 4937 jobs
  • Department of Homeland Security – US Citizen and Federal Employees, 539 jobs
  • Department of Interior, 715 jobs
  • Department of the Navy, 727 jobs

HUMAN RESOURCES REVIEWING CURRENT APPLICATIONS AND INTERVIEWS WILL SLOW DOWN. The normal, expected End-to-End Hiring is 80 days from announcement closing date to HIRED. This will slow down. If your application is in the queue already, movement will stop until the furlough is over. It will take time to catch up. So, be patient. Furloughs are very hard on human resources specialists and managers who want to hire.

KEEP APPLYING FOR JOBS. If there is an announcement this is closing this week or next week, just apply. Watch the announcement in your Application Tracking System to see if the closing date was moved back. Watch your Application Tracking to see if ANYTHING has happened with your application.

TAKE THIS TIME TO WORK ON YOUR FEDERAL RESUME. The samples in the Federal Resume Guidebook are really good, and can help you develop the resume to match a sample job announcement.

PREPARE YOUR RESUME AHEAD BY LOOKING AT THE OPM OCCUPATIONAL STANDARDS. Since there will be less positions posted, you can STILL work on your resume by reading the Occupational Standards for keywords and KSAs.

KEEP UP WITH GOVERNMENT HIRING SHUTDOWN EXCEPTIONS (REFER TO WWW.GOVEXEC.COM FOR NEWS) Articles will keep you up-to-date with agencies that are hiring or changes that are occurring. For instance, there is a new Expedited Hiring Authority to fill VA positions. I don’t know what will happen with this during the Shutdown. I think VA will be an Excepted Agency. The Customs and Border Patrol is anxious to hire more Officers. We’ll see how that goes with the Shutdown.

There are 2.1 million employees total and the government hired a total of 174,311 in 2017, even with the Hiring Freeze for almost three months!

FED JOB SHUTDOWN SUMMARY: I just recommend that you be patient, continue all your positive thinking about your career goals with the US Government, and wait and see what’s next.

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