Funny Internet Job Search Notes from 1994

Margaret Riley Dikel is the “Pioneer of the Internet Careers” and Kathryn Troutman is the Pioneering designer of the Federal Resume.

Margaret and Kathryn met again for the first time since 1996 at The Resume Place, Inc. to share internet career website start-up stories.

Margaret established in 1994 and posted it on a Gopher Server. “This site is not found on the list of All The Gopher Servers”

Here are two really cool excerpts from her first book, Internet Job Searching (not in publication any longer).

INTERNET, Margaret F. Riley, March 1994

“All of these services are available through the Internet. You will need an Internet account to access these services. At this time, all of these services are offered to the user at no charge; however, be aware that there are employment services/job listings available on the Internet which do charge a fee.”

Here’s another great 1994 notice about USAJOBS!

Note from Margaret: The US Government now posts all of its job listings in a central board at

There are two different locations where you might check to see postings for positions available with the U.S. Federal Government and all its affiliated agencies.  These are job postings only; you will have to obtain the necessary forms to apply for the positions listed.  Be sure to read the file “Information useful to Federal Job Applicants.”

gopher (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Extension Services) USDA and Other Federal Agency Information/ Job Openings in the Federal Government/ NOTE: This site is not found on the list of All The Gopher Servers.

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