Military to Federal Career Guide, 2nd ED | CD-ROM Index


A great federal resume can help you land a federal career. This CD contains Case Studies of Successful Federal Resumes for Vets. Follow the samples and writing style. Write your own Outline Format with Keywords and Accomplishments.

  • Impress the human resources recruiters and supervisors with your excellent military and civilian experiences and skills written in your resume.
  • Each Case Study includes the target announcement and KEYWORDS highlighted. These keywords should go in your resume! Good luck!
  • And remember, it is up to YOU to get the resume written and apply for jobs.

Federal Resume Samples in USAJOBS/ Outline Format in Word and PDF

  • 26 Military to Federal Resume samples, including Outline Format federal resumes for USAJOBS and other resume builders.
  • Other resume formats include: paper resume formats, corporate resumes, and job fair resume samples. Read the full list of samples on the following page.
  • Glossary of Federal Employment Terms
  • List of Federal Agency Names
  • List of Federal Occupational Series and Job Titles
  • Core Competencies for Marine Corps, Defense Logistics Agency, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and Senior Executive Service
  • White House Memoradum, 5/11/10, outlining the upcoming changes to the federal hiring system
Name-Service-Rank-Grade-Target-Occupational Series and Title–Resume Format

Billings USCG E–5 GS–05

  • 1802 Transportation Security Officer–Outline Format
  • 0083 Police Officer–Outline Format
  • 1810 Background Investigator–Outline Format
  • 0086 Security Assistant–Outline Format
Rodriguez USMC E–6 GS–07/09

  • 301 Administration, Program Mgt.–Outline Format
  • 343 Management Analyst–Outline Format
  • 501 Financial Administration–Outline Format
  • 512 Internal Revenue Agent–Outline Format
  • 560, 561 — Budget Analyst / Technician–Outline Format
  • 2200 Admn work in Information Technology–Outline Format
  • Tarka USN E–6 GS–09/11 343 Mgt. Analyst, Resource Mgt.–Outline Format
  • 346 Logistics Management–Air Force Builder
  • 2001 General Supply Specialist–Paper Federal
  • 2003, 2005 — Supply Mgt Analyst/Specialist–Corporate
  • 2010 Inventory Management Specialist–Corporate
Denton USMC E–5 GS–07

  • 0343 Management and Program Analyst–Outline Format
Gannon USAF E–5 GS–05/07

  • 0525 Accounting Technician–Outline Format
  • 1811 Special Agent–Outline Format
Smith USN AT2 GS–05/07

  • FV–0856–F/G — Electronics Technician–Outline Format
  • 2210 Information Technology Specialist–Outline Format
Logan USANG E–7/SFC GS–09/11

  • 0301 Administrative Officer–Outline Format
  • 0304 Management and Program Analyst–Outline Format
Gilliam USA E–8 GS–12

  • 0301 Administrative Officer–Outline Format
Benedetto USA CW–2 GS–09/11/12

  • 2152 Air Traffic Controller–Outline Format
  • 2181 Airline Pilot / Helicopter Flight Instructor–USAjobs Resume
  • 2183 Aircraft Electronic Warfare Spec., Officer–USAjobs Resume
Perkins USA CW–4 GS–11/12/13

  • 346 Logistics Management Specialist–USAjobs Resume
  • 2181 Airline Pilot / Helicopter Flight Instructor–Navy Resume
  • 2183 Aircraft Electronic Warfare Spec., Officer–Navy Resume
MacArthur USAR CW–4 GS–11/12

  • 201 Human Resources Specialist (Military)–Before Resume–Outline Format–Job Fair, 1 pg–KSA
Roberts USA O–4 GS–13/14

  • 301, 341 — Administration, Program Mgt. Spec.–Outline Format
  • 343 Management Analyst, Resource Mgt.–Corporate, 1 pg
  • 346 Logistics Management–Job Fair, 1 pg
  • 1102 Contracting, Procurement Specialist–Job Fair, 1 pg
Lester USANG O–5 GS–13/14

  • 301, 341 — Administration, Program Mgt.–Outline Format
  • 343 Management Analyst, Resource Mgt.–CPOL Resume
  • 346 Logistics Management–CPOL Resume
  • 1101 Business, Industry Specialist–CPOL Resume
Resume samples on CD–ROM to be updated regularly.