You Don’t Need A College Degree To Qualify For An Administrative Job

Our client, a GS-7 for several years, was interested in applying for a federal government position as a GS-0301-09. Group 0300 is reserved for Administrative Management series positions. She contacted The Resume Place because the language in the Qualifications portion of the Announcement confused her. Her concern was that she didn’t have a degree.
The Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) qualification standards for Group 0300 positions permit qualification on the basis of education/training, or experience, or a combination of the two. Many applicants for these positions are unaware that their experience may convert in whole or in part for education.

DoD Program Gives Jobs Priority to Relocated Military Spouses

Being married to someone serving active duty presents many challenges, from making a home on a military base to moving many times, around the country or around the world. But if your family depends in part on your employment income, finding a new job each time your spouse gets a PCS order (permanent change of station) may be the most daunting hurdle you face.
Keeping military families happy – fiscally and psychically – is one reason the Department of Defense (DoD) in 1989 created the Military Spouse Preference Program. Also known as Program S, this valuable service that matches professional military spouses with competitive DoD job openings isn’t widely known

TSA Turmoil Will Create Thousands of New Jobs for Well-Prepared Candidates

CNN Money reports that TSA is on a hiring blitz! Thousands of Americans will soon be hired into well-paying federal government jobs with excellent benefits. You CAN begin your federal career at TSA and grow your government career from this position, which is in demand, right now.

These jobs come with medical, dental, vision and life insurance, retirement savings plans, paid federal holidays, and more. Veterans’ preference applies.

In the USAJOBS application, candidates must give a detailed employment history in reverse chronological order, including accomplishments. “It’s critical to provide every bit of information that’s requested and follow instructions to the letter” …