Office of Personnel Management Fair Chance Rule

“Fair-chance hiring policies … are a common-sense way to help formerly incarcerated people re-enter the workforce and contribute to our society.”
An Office of Personnel Management rule finalized in early December requires that for most federal job openings, the hiring department or agency cannot ask about applicants’ criminal or credit histories until a conditional job offer has been made.
The purpose of the rule, which follows President Obama’s announcement on the issue, is to promote fair consideration in hiring of job candidates who possess the knowledge, skills, abilities and motivation to qualify for a position but have a criminal record or bad credit that might bias human resources or hiring managers against their applications.
The new rule parallels actions that many municipalities have taken to “ban the box” that requires applicants to disclose with a check mark any criminal record.

What You Need to Know About Jobs in the Trump Administration at 117 Days

TODAY’S UPDATE: According to the latest news reports, only about 100 of the 557 top appointments have been made. Considering all presidential appointments at all levels, at least 2,000 remain to be made.
Legions of professionals would like to work in the federal Senior Executive Service or as one of thousands of appointees of President Donald Trump, as enumerated in the 2016 Plum Book. But with such a precedent-busting new administration – from that fact that Trump has never before served in government, to his very strong views on the worth of individual federal departments – it’s hard to get your bearings in the landscape of hiring for high-level federal jobs. Here’s our brief take.
Political appointments are one of any new president’s most challenging tasks in the first year.
“Making 5,000 appointments takes a while, because Trump doesn’t have a history in government,” says Betsy Myers, who served in President Bill Clinton’s administration 

Mike Causey Interview with Kathryn Troutman May 2017

This week, Kathryn Troutman joined Mike Causey on “Your Turn” on May 3, 2017 to share her thoughts on the impact of recent Executive Orders on the federal hiring process and what it means for you. Here are some highlights of that conversation:

HIRING FREEZE: How did the freeze impact the typical applicant for a federal job?:

President Trump’s January 23, 2017 Memorandum created challenges for prospective applicants, particularly those who had received offers that were rescinded based on when they were extended.

But, OMB also created LOTS of exemptions in the Executive departments and agencies, including: military and uniformed personnel, Presidential appointments including SES and Schedule C in the Excepted Service; Central Intelligence Agency and Director of National Intelligence hires; Pathways Internship and Presidential Management Fellows Program appointments. And, career ladder promotions inside agencies were not held up.