Land a Federal Job with the Successful Outline Format Federal Resume

Transitioning military, veterans, Wounded Warriors, and family members can begin their Federal Job search with this book.

Federal Job Search By the Numbers

This week I have been teaching Federal Job Search By the Numbers to hundreds of current and former military personnel who are about to be separated or retired and would like to land the best government jobs in America.
My book and curriculum, Ten Steps to a Federal Job is a favorite because of the 10 steps campaign process for this highly complex job search method. The curriculum is utilized in hundreds of military bases worldwide because it is easy to teach, learn, and follow.

18 Critical Mistakes Veterans Make With Their Federal Job Searches

How many of these mistakes do you have on your federal resume? Are you getting Best Qualified and Referred? If not, review this checklist by a Federal Resume guru and determine which of the 18 common mistakes should be fixed or changed with your federal resume. A newly separated or retired military person must have a good resume to begin their next career.