Stop Making these Top Federal Resume Mistakes in 2018

Biggest Myth In Federal Resume Writing:
Artificial intelligence machines read federal resumes for the qualifications – NOT actual Human Resources personnel.
WRONG – resumes MUST be readable by REAL PEOPLE sitting in a desk looking at a computer or paper resume!
  • Uploading “JUST ANY RESUME” not realizing that the Federal Resume has a specific format, length and content requirements. If the jobseeker looked at or used the USAJOBS builder first, they would see the required information.

Here’s Statistical Proof that the Right Resume Gets the Federal Job

For decades, we’ve felt supremely confident that a targeted, detailed, correctly formatted OUTLINE FORMAT federal resume gets results. And now we have up-to-the-minute data that demonstrates that our confidence isn’t just an intuition.
In late May, we surveyed the 150 clients who we were honored to serve in 2016, yielding 54 responses. A large majority of these respondents had great news to share with us: 25 had been hired into federal job, and another 16 had earned the status referred, best qualified or interviewed!

DOD Jobs / Federal Jobs for Military Spouses on Military Bases

Did you know that the Department of Defense (DoD) has a special hiring program for military spouses who are on PCS orders with their active duty military spouse? You have to accompany the spouse to the duty station. And you have to be married when you move there. That’s it. If you meet those criteria, you can take advantage of Executive Order (EO) 13473 and apply to federal positions as if you were a “federal employee” and get into the special PPP-S program for DoD jobs on your base.