A stunning Government Accountability Office report, released January 29th, predicts that more than a third of career fed-workers will be eligible to retire by 2017

“These findings shows that the government will need to hire young people and new grads to move toward the future,” observes leading fed jobs expert Kathryn Troutman. Her revised and updated 3rd edition of The Student’s Federal Career Guide has just been released. “This guide is a must-have if you want to be among the chosen ones who are hired by the feds

it features eight examples of outstanding federal resumes that enabled real-life college students and recent grads to land positions with Uncle Sam.

At The Resume Place, we emphasize the importance of “keywords” in building successful FEDERAL RESUMES. Not surprising, constructing an effective LinkedIn® Profile requires a similar attention to “keywords.” We also emphasize the important of formal networks — in addition to person-to-person networking, social media sites (such as LinkedIn®, Facebook®, and Twitter®) provide another opportunity to connect with other professionals and boost your career online. Recruiting and hiring has changed dramatically over the years. We know that recruiters “comb” social media sites to learn who is looking for jobs. Take the steps to optimize your profile so that potential employers can find you when they are seeking qualified candidates.

What do you need to be considered 100% profile complete?

National Guard Technicians hold Dual Status roles as military and GS Civilians at National Guard Barracks throughout the US. The primary mission of a military technician is to provide day-to-day continuity in the operation and training of Army and Air National Guard units. With the return of all troops from Iraq, and the future return of troops from Afghanistan, as well as DOD downsizing, NG Technicians will be separating or retiring from the service, and looking for new civil service positions.

Your Goal: Get Qualified, Referred, Interviewed and Hired

Your number one goal for writing a federal resume is to get a federal job. You have to achieve several things with your federal resume