Judgment – Your Resume’s Secret Sauce

To rise above the rest and land your next federal job, you must highlight core competencies. Professional judgment is the secret sauce to many federal positions; especially mid and senior level jobs in many popular occupational series. It can sometimes be difficult for hiring managers to articulate the competency they seek in the frequently-bland, overly standardized language of job announcements. But like other things that are hard to pin down, they know it when they see it. On the flip side, it can be equally difficult for you, the applicant, to effectively communicate the judgment experience and related core competencies you possess.
With the tenacity and speed with which the federal government automates and integrates judgment-robbing systems, the competency is a rarer quality these days. The various systems of the federal government today are analogous to GPS and Siri: efficient for plugged-in folks to leverage but also crutches which do not, in and of themselves, demonstrate personal usefulness, discretion, or judgment …

Ten Steps Workshop for Unemployed Veterans: Lessons Learned

Kathryn Troutman, Federal Resume Guru, presented a two-hour program to ten anxious veterans who have been seeking a federal position for a couple of years. Below, Kathryn shares her experience:
We were at a conference table and the veterans all got to share their objectives and past federal job search experiences, since it was a small group.
Problems and Myths Keeping Veterans from Landing Federal Jobs
Everyone got their resume out and showed me what they were using in their job search. Problems I saw with the resumes in the room:
  • Too short (1 page)
  • Too long (I saw a 14-page resume)
  • Every job listed—even those that were short-term and irrelevant
  • Short sentences with bullets
  • All resumes were NOT targeted with keywords...

Changing Shirts: How to Approach a Federal Career or Series Change

Let’s assume you’ve decided the time is right for a change and have determined you may qualify for a different federal occupational series. You’re tired of your current job’s winter doldrums and wish to move to a warmer career climate. Congratulations on the successful soul-searching and necessary research/consultation. Now it is time to set your plan in motion and land a fresh job with a new set of challenges in the different series you’ve chosen. At The Resume Place, we refer to your discrete job duties and competencies as the “hats” you wear at work. Switching occupational series is analogous to changing the shirt on your back. We can help you ditch the old duds and move into some new threads.

A degree of overlap between your previous experience and the requirements of the job you seek will be necessary. In crafting your most effective resume—your ticket to an interview. . .