Jobs Priority for Relocated Military Spouses

Being married to someone serving active duty presents many challenges, from making a home on a military base to moving many times, around the country or around the world. But if your family depends in part on your employment income, finding a new job each time your spouse gets a PCS order (permanent change of station) may be the most daunting hurdle you face.

Here’s Statistical Proof that the Right Resume Gets the Federal Job

For decades, we’ve felt supremely confident that a targeted, detailed, correctly formatted OUTLINE FORMAT federal resume gets results. And now we have up-to-the-minute data that demonstrates that our confidence isn’t just an intuition.
In late May, we surveyed the 150 clients who we were honored to serve in 2016, yielding 54 responses. A large majority of these respondents had great news to share with us: 25 had been hired into federal job, and another 16 had earned the status referred, best qualified or interviewed!

Coming Home From the Middle East?

YOU ANSWERED THE CALL OF OUR NATION AND DEPLOYED TO SERVE IN THE VITAL ROLE of supporting war fighters, providing stability and helping to rebuild nations. During your 6-to-12-month deployment (or perhaps longer), you lived and worked under field conditions in dangerous theaters of operation.
NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO COME HOME AND CAPITALIZE ON YOUR DEPLOYMENT SKILLS. Translate that experience into the skills you need to build your resume, set yourself apart from your peers, and compete for new, higher-level stateside opportunities.