Nearly one-quarter of male veterans ages 18 to 24 are jobless, according to a 2014 government report. In preparing hundreds of young vets for a corporate job search, The Resume Place has demonstrated that these accomplished women and men must translate their military skills and experience into the language of business.
Still, with thousands of federal retirements looming, many veterans will find great careers with the federal government. But given sequestration and other pressures to curb federal employment, vets will encounter ever sharper competition for those select civil-service jobs that do come open.
The odds are good that you will get an interview or get hired for a federal job, if you invest in a professional federal resume writer and coach to begin your search.
A quote from shows that a 68% chance of success is a good bet. The site notes that “The best professional bettors would be delighted with a winning percentage between 56 and 58 percent. Yes, really. They’re wise enough to know that will produce a healthy profit over the long run.”
Our success rate beats the top gamblers’ risk rate of 57 to 58 percent...These positions with the government are long-term and it’s really hard to get fired. The government has a 95% retention rate for most permanent Civil Service Employees.
A review of the federal government’s online job portal found applicant limits ranging from 15 to 300. Most fell in the 50-to-100 range.
The vacancy announcements with low application limits have been known to close within hours!
What Does This Mean for You?
If you are thinking about applying for federal jobs, you MUST get the resume written ahead of time. You will not have enough time to find the perfect announcement and then write your resume.
Instead, we recommend that you first draft your resume towards a particular job series. That way, when your ideal job announcement comes out, the resume can be quickly made read for submission by picking up the specific keywords from the announcement.