Feds Are Taking Applications for Military-to-Defense Transitioners

When is a hiring freeze not a hiring freeze? When you’re applying to one of the few federal departments such as Defense that President Trump wants to grow. Or when the president lifts the hiring freeze, as he did on April 12 – almost grudgingly. Or when a department or agency continues to take applications and conduct interviews, anticipating the authority to make an actual job offer in the near future.
So what’s the bottom line for federal job seekers? For select groups of potential candidates – such as veterans and servicemen and women preparing to separate from the military – it means that now is the time to apply. Let’s sample military-to-DoD vacancies recently posted on USAJOBS.gov.
It’s hard to imagine a more natural fit for someone with the requisite military experience than Supervisory Demand/Supply Chain Analyst with the civilian Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia. The position requires both military logistics skills and a understanding of business processes typically associated with experience in the private sector. The job pays $92,387 to $120,102 per year.


This much we know: President Trump has ordered a limited federal hiring freeze and a broad review of the federal workforce with an eye toward reducing headcount.
But we don’t know many specifics regarding potential furloughs or layoffs in individual agencies, programs, missions and budgets.
True, given the president’s emphasis on immigration, homeland security and defense, a number of federal agencies are likely to maintain or even expand their workforces. DoD, ICE and other departments and agencies were enumerated in the president’s executive order as exceptions to the hiring freeze. Employees of the Environmental Protection Agency, on the other hand, know that they need to prepare for the possibility that their positions will be eliminated.
DON’T WAIT. Even if you’re in a department that hasn’t been mentioned as a target for workforce reductions, don’t just wait and see if you will be affected. It’s prudent to be prepared to act as soon the pending workforce plan of the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management is announced.

Hiring Freeze Exceptions: Good Federal Job News for Military Spouses for DOD Federal Jobs in the USA

On December 23, 2016, President Obama signed this 2017 Fiscal Order for Budgets and Actions for the Department of Defense, including a GREAT new improvement for military spouses who want to apply for and land a high quality, relocatable career with the Federal Government!

Now, with the new legislation, a military spouse can apply for positions through Priority Placement Program – Spouses (PPP-S) for Department Of Defense (DOD) positions in the US throughout their PCS order time, instead of just the first two years.

The Program S of the PPP applies only to positions being filled under competitive procedures under merit promotion. So, it applies to only a limited number of positions, including a geographic region within the commuting distance of their spouses’ installation. Other non-DOD positions require that the spouse apply directly to the vacancy announcement and claim their preference through the USAJOBS profile and application process.